Logging Work to Issues

Logging work can be done using several different ways. You can log work directly on the issue page by opening 'Log Work Dialog', using 'Log Work Custom Field' on issue transition screens and on the timesheet table. On all of these you will use the similar form to log work. Logging work similar to logging work with JIRA's own work log dialog, but of course WorklogPRO has some additional features. In this manual we will not go to details of standard features, these are already well explained by Atlassian here, we will focus on what makes WorklogPRO different and more efficient tool for logging work. In the following examples we will explain 'Log Work Dialog' but 'Log Work Custom Field' has nearly the same features. If you don't see 'Log Work Custom Field' on the issue transition dialogs, ask your Jira Administrator to configure this field on related issue transition screens.