Work Log Tab Panel

Work Log tab under the issue shows all work logs for an issue. Since JIRA has a build-in Work Log tab panel after installing the add-on you will have two Work Log Tab. You can disable JIRA's own worlog panel using the instructions here

On this panel you will see all worklogs and their corresponding work log attributes if any. Each work log attribute is displayed in its own column. A work log attribute is displayed only if there is a work log using it in the current issue. So you may see different set of columns for each issue. If a work log is edited you will also see "-edited" suffix next to the name of work log author. If you hover on "-edited" suffix, a tooltip will show who is edited that work log.

If you hover on any line on this list, additional edit and delete icons will appear on the right hand side of the corresponding entry. You can click on pen icon to edit the worklog, or you can click on trash icon to delete the work log. Editing or deleting a work log is explained in "Editing/Deleting Work Log" section. 

If someone logs work for another user, this worklog is seen as edited worklog immediately even if it is not edited.