JQL Extensions

Has Worklog Attribute

Search for issues which has a specific worklog attribute value. 

Search Issues with Worklogs Which has "Type of Work" Set to "Testing"
issue in hasWorklogAttribute("Type of Work", "Testing")

Search Issues with Worklogs Which are "Billable"
issue in hasWorklogAttribute("Billable", "yes")
Search Issues with Worklogs Which has "Invoice Number" "12345"
issue in hasWorklogAttribute("Invoice Number", "12345")

Worked Issues

Since JIRA 6.4, JIRA itself provides 3 JQL functions related to work logs. Please use them instead of workedIssues function provided by WorklogPRO. 

  • worklogAuthorSearch for issues a particular user has logged work against.
  • worklogCommentSearch for issues that have a Comment in a work log entry which contains particular text.
  • worklogDateSearch for issues that have comments in work log entries that were created on, before, or after a particular date (or date range)
  • workRatioSearch for issues where the Work Ratio has a particular value.

For details of this JQL functions please check this documentation: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jira064/advanced-searching-fields-reference-720416679.html

workedIssues  JQL function returns all the issues worked in a period. It takes 2 arguments, start date and end date and returns worked issues within this period. Date-time format is the same used in date-time picker. 

issue in workedIssues("01/Jan/2017", "31/Jan/2017")