Timesheet view of the Report

The view of the report can be changed from the button located in the right top corner of the report. A timesheet displays effort entered to issues using different filtering and grouping criteria. From the timesheet view, you can instantly navigate to calendar view. Timesheets may further group work logs by issues, by project, by reporter, issue type, parent issue, parent issue type or by epic inside the timesheet. You can group by multiple criteria at the same time. Multiple grouping allows you to drill down to detail you want. For example you can see how much effort is spent by each user for each project and how effort is split by work type between different epics.

Selecting Date Range

The date range of the timesheet can be configured from the button above the timesheet that shows period's the start and end date. Also, the period can be easily determined with this week, this month, last week, last month options without setting the custom range. Clicking on < will automatically select previous period and clicking on > will automatically select next period.

Click on Timesheet Cell

You can click on the timesheet cell representing the corresponding worklog to edit or delete it. Bulk deletion in the case of more than one worklog appears in the pop-up window or deletion/editing operations for each worklog can be performed. The opening dialog shows information such as worklog author, issue, work description, time logged, and worklog attribute.