Pivot view of Report

Pivot tables are a technique in data processing. They enable a person to arrange and rearrange (or "pivot") statistics in order to draw attention to useful information. It is possible to switch to pivot view from any displayed timesheet using the dialog that opens with the “Adjust“ button located in the timesheet view or you can create a new pivot report from “Reports“ page by selecting view field as pivot. You need to specify values for “Rows“, “Cloumns“ and and “Values” fields to create a pivot report. Also, you can add filter for the pivot report by projects, users or team that is created beafore when creating the pivot report. By default, the data in the pivot report is visualized by a table. But you can also visualize it in different ways like ‘Column', ‘Area', 'Line', 'Stacked bar’ and so on.

Dialog for creating/editing a pivot report
Table view of pivot report

You can also configure fields for rows, columns and values field by using field list configuration dialog while pivot report is open. With drag and drop, fields can be added to the desired part, removed and their order can be changed.

Thanks to the button on the pivot report, the pivot report can be exported as Pdf, Excel or CSV.

Different Visualization for Pivot Report

The pivot table can be represented in many different chart types. You can easily switch to these chart types on the pivot table.

Conditional Formatting

Thanks to the conditional formatting feature of the pivot report, you can show the cells of the data you want to emphasize or draw attention to in a different way. You can do this by changing the font, text color or even cell color. For example; In a report where the total worklogs of the issue are displayed in hours, you may want to highlight the worklogs less than 3 hours. You can easily apply this by selecting the value and the format you want from the setting dialog for conditional formatting.

Other Settings

There are two buttons to adjust the appearance of subtotals for rows and grand totals for columns and their position in the pivot report.