Teams allow you to group users and create combined timesheet reports for all of those associated users. Every user with access to global page of WorklogPro from “Apps“ section in the jira navigation bar can create his/her own teams and add any user he/she wants into that team.

Table of the Team

Teams table shows the teams whose owner is the current user with their name, description and their relevant members. This table allows users to easily view all their teams and team members, as well as to easily perform operations related to teams. Operations related to the team are done with the icons that appear at the end of the row when the row with the team name and description is hovered. Each icon opens the related dialog for the corresponding action.

Creating and Editing Team

A new team can be created with the “Create Team“ button located in the upper right side of the team page. This team is created with the team name and optionally with its description. After the team is created, it will start to appear in the team table with its name and if any, its description without any member. The team can be edited with edit team dialog opened with the pen icon located in the corresponding team’s row. You can only update the name and the description of the team with edit dialog. Pressing “Save” button will create or edit the team and then new team will be added or edited team will be updated on team table.

Create Team Dialog

Deleting Teams

You can delete a team by pressing trash icon corresponding to the team you want to delete. Deleting a team will automatically remove all users from the team so you don't need to remove users individually before deleting. Delete operation will require your approval using following confirmation dialog. You can only delete teams you have created. Since the team table shows only the teams you have created ,you can only delete your own teams.

Team Members

The members of the team can be easily viewed by just expanding the corresponding team on the team table. To add a new member to a team press the add user icon that is belonging to relevant team row with hovering over the row. This will open "Add Team Member" dialog. You can add the user you want to add as a member of the team thanks to the user picker in this dialog. In addition, to delete a team member from the team, click on the trash icon that appears at the end of the row by hovering over it belonging to that user under the relevant team. It opens the delete member dialog for confirmation.

Changing Owner of a Team

Since the team table shows the teams created by the current user, these teams are automatically owned by the current user. In order to change the owner of the created teams, the new owner of the team that wants to be changed must be selected from the "Change Owner Dialog" opened by clicking the user crown icon at the end of the relevant team row. By default, the user picker in this dialog shows the current team owner. You should click on the picker and select a new owner. You should be careful while doing this process because after the new team owner is selected in the dialog that is opening and "Save" button is clicked, this team will be deleted from the team table of the current user and will start to be displayed in the team table of the selected new owner.