WorklogPRO Cloud

As WorklogPRO Server/DC edition, WorklogPRO Cloud also is one of the most advanced timesheet management solutions integrated with JIRA. WorklogPRO Cloud is developed using Atlassian’s Forge Platform. Forge provides Atlassian managed runtime and storage solutions for developing add-ons. Thanks to Forge, your data never leaves Atlassian’s Cloud, neither for storage nor processing. Although we are the developer of the app, even we don’t have access to your data. We can only access application logs through the developer console, but you can also turn them off yourself. You are in complete control of your data. In this respect, WorklogPRO Cloud has a clear advantage compared to legacy Connect- Framework based timesheet solutions.

Our UI is also based mostly on Atlasskit components, has a modern look, and integrates with Jira natively.