GDPR and Access to Personal Information by WorklogPRO

We don’t store, process or share any personal information. Your personal data doesn’t leave Atlassian Cloud.

WorklogPRO for Jira Cloud is an Atlassian Forge app. This has a significant importance regarding to security for a Jira Cloud app. Old cloud apps are run on vendors own servers and store the data on their own databases. But Forge apps are more secure and doesn’t require vendors to use their own servers.  We don’t have direct access to your worklogs or your other Jira data.

When you install the “WorklogPRO for Jira Cloud”, Jira will ask for your permissions. On the screen, you will see that, it can access user information and issue information also it can share information with, We don’t share any data with this domain, it only stores some .svg icons and we only use it to access those icons.

When the app is running, we log issue id, user id and worklog id or any other ID for related entities(they are not personal data for us). We don’t log worklog content, issue content or user information to logs. You have absolute control over our log access, and you can disable our log access within administration section of your Jira. You can also see content of the logs yourself.