There are two type views of the report, these are timesheet and calendar views. You can reach reports and the other features created by WorklogPro cloud from the ‘Apps' section located in the Jira top navigation bar by clicking 'WorklogPRO’.

The report of the current user can be easily accessed from the 'Your work' section. You can access the timesheet view or calendar view of your report from here. The saved reports are displayed in the ‘Reports' section. These reports can be accessed, edited and deleted from here. In addition, a custom report can be created by selecting date range, group, fields, date grouping, filter by using create report dialog. This custom report, which is named, can be accessed from the 'Reports' page and the desired operation can be performed. Reports can be created with two types of view which are “Timesheet“ or “Pivot“ views. Selecting one of these views is mandatory to generate the report.

If the “Issue” field is not selected for “Group” part on the report dialog, “Fields“ part can not be changed.

Operations on Reports

You can easily change the report view to calendar or timesheet by using the button in the upper right corner of the report. In addition, thanks to the "Copy to next period" feature, you can copy the worklogs that you have saved or that are in the period you specify, to the next period with the same report view. The copy operation is done depending on the position of the work log in the previous period. For example, the worklog recorded on the 2nd of November will be recorded on the 2nd of December with this option. After selecting work logs that you want to copy to next period and clicking on the save button, you can reach the report of next period with “Go to next period“ button. Also, you can reach the settings of reports from settings part of this button. These settings are duration format, page size (PDF), show weekends, show toolbar which are explained in the page .