Adding New Work Log Attributes

A new attribute type can be added by clicking on the 'Add' button located in the above of the attribute table. While creating the attribute, you can also specify a default value for an attribute, make it required or disable the attribute. Also, you can edit a work log attribute by clicking on the corresponding pen icon that opens when hovering on it. Attributes can be marked as required or inactive or applicability of attribute can be customized. We support different attribute types, currently, the following attribute types are supported:

  • BOOLEAN: Checked or not checked

  • TEXT: A single line text

  • INTEGER: A text box that only accepts whole numbers like 10382

  • DECIMAL: A text box that accepts partial numbers like 10.4

  • SINGLE SELECT: A single select dropdown

  • DURATION: Like spent field of work log dialog. Accepts inputs in the form of "3h 30m" etc. You can use it to keep a second duration like billable part of total time spent etc.

Add Attribute Dialog

Name: Name of the attribute that will be displayed on work log dialog.

Default Value: Specifies a default value for an attribute.

Active: An attribute can be in active or inactive state. Inactive attributes are not shown on the user interface, but they are still stored in the database. You can make active anytime without losing any information. We strongly suggest you make attributes inactive instead of deleting them.

Required: Work log dialog enforces a value for required attributes.

Description: A longer description of the attribute. 

Applicability: Allows you in which conditions this attribute will be applicable. For example, some attributes may only be applicable to specific type of issues, projects, or users. You can specify applicability using an expression.