Date-Time Picker Configuration

JIRA's internal date picker component is used to select date-time in various places inside JIRA. WorkLogPRO Timesheet for JIRA add-on also uses this JIRA's build-in date-time selector. Inorder this component to work correctly 4 date-time related values should be consistent in JIRA's Advanced Settings page. If it is not, some functions which require date selection will not work. For example in WorkLogPRO, you will able to select a date using the picker but you will get "You must specify a date on which the work occurred" when you try to submit the work log. See following screenshot:

Adjusting Date-Time Picker Formats in JIRA

Let's see which setting we are talking about. Navigate to Administration->System→Advanced Settings. You will see 4 settings 2 for Javascript and 2 for Java. should match should match

These settings are highlighted with green and yellow colors below.

You can find several examples of consistent Javascript and Java date-time picker formats in this page.