Getting Daily List of Issues with Time Spent Closer to Original Estimate

Jira has a special field, workratio, which can be used in JQL or added as a field to issue screen or as a column to issue lists. By using this workratio field together with filter subscriptions we can get notifications when time spent reaches a certain threshold of original estimate. 

Lets assume that whenever for any Jira issue time spent is 80% of original estimate we want to get a notification.

  1. Create a new jira issue filter with query "workratio > 80” and save it with a name, for example “Tasks with 80% work”. You can create different filters for different teams or projects by combining workratio with other JQL clauses and operators. 
  2. Click on ‘Details’ link on the right of filter name and click on ‘New Subscription’.
  3. You can adjust who will be notified and with what frequency. You can select predefined schedules as low as every 15 minutes or you can enter a custom Cron Expression to adjust according to your needs.

  4. Click on Subscribe button to create subscription.