Adding Oracle Driver Manually

Starting from 1.10.0, this is no longer required

We are now bundling the latest Oracle JDBC Driver. You don't need to add it manually. 

Due to licensing restrictions we can't distribute Oracle driver with our add-on. You will need to download driver yourself and add it to drivers jar file. Necessary steps are detailed below and shown in the below vide. You can add any JDBC driver in a similar way. The only difference is, you will need to download other driver instead of Oracle driver.

  • Download oracle driver
  • Download Custom Fields++ add-on from Atlassian Marketplace
  • Extract oracle driver to a temporary folder. Although it's extension is .jar, it is a zip file. Change extension to .zip and extract it like any other .zip file. There will be a folder with name 'oracle'.
  • The add-on file is also a zip file with .jar extension. Like oracle driver, rename the add-on file from custom-fields-#.#.#.jar to, but don't extract it. Open it with a program like WinZIP, WinRAR and add oracle folder you had extracted in the previous step to it's root. Save the add-on file and change extension of the new file back to .jar. 
  • Upload new add-on jar file to JIRA using 'Upload Add-on' link on the 'Manage Add-ons' page.