Sharing Options Between Select Fields in Jira

Sometimes you may want duplicate a single or multi select field in Jira. Instead of adding all the fields manually to each copy or keeping them in synch manually, you can use our database synchronization option for single & multi select custom fields.

Navigate to “Configure Synchronization” page and setup a new database synchronization. Jira stores all custom field options in “CUSTOMFIELDOPTION” table. So using “DB Synchronization” option of CF++ add-on we can synchronize options between select fields.

You can find “custom field configuration id” from browser’s url on related custom field’s configuration page. Note that it is different from “custom field id”, because a single custom field may have multiple “custom field configuration” associated with different contexts (projects and issue types).

When you click on “Next” you will be presented for synchronization configuration options. On the “CUSTOMFIELDOPTION” table, customvalue column holds user displayed option value, that is textual value of option. “id” stores unique ID of option and sequence stores order of option within other options. You can match them as shown in the following screenshot.

“Synchronization Interval” can be as low as a minute but if options are not frequently modified you can use a higher value like “1 hour”.


You can press “Save & Synchronize” button to complete mapping and perform an initial synchronization. After that synchronization will be run periodically and match your custom field's options to match the ones from master custom field configuration.