Components Version Selection for Issue Operations

Once you define your first mapping; version enforcement will be activated for that project. Depending on your plugin settings and you may not be allowed to select unmapped component and version pairs. This enforcement will work in issue edit screen, inline edit in issue page and also for any workflow screen, as long as component field exist on the screen.

The plugin uses JIRA's own versions. If you want to sort the component versions in the relevant field (Fix Version/s, Affects Version/s), you can do this by dragging the release name in the releases page of the relevant project. This is Jira's own feature. For example; if you want to see latest component version at the top of dropdown list, you can do this by dragging this version to the bottom of the page of releases because the drop down list starts from the end of releases page.

Which versions are shown on version list depends on the plugin configuration and which components are selected. This is complex in nature and we will try to explain different scenarios starting from the most basic one.

  • No Component Version and Bundle Version is Defined: In this case everything works as if plugin never installed.

  • Component Version is Defined and a Component is Selected: If valid versions are defined for the selected component only that versions will be listed. If no valid version is defined for the component behaviour depends on the plugin settings. If "Allow All Versions for Unversioned Components" is turned on, all versions defined for the project are allowed. If not, no version is displayed.
  • Bundles are Defined and No Component Selected: Behavior depends on the plugin settings. If "Which Versions are Displayed When No Component Selected" is set to "Bundle Versions" only bundle versions are shown. If it is set to "All Project Versions" all project versions are shown.
  • Multiple Components are Selected: Behavior depends on the plugin settings. If "Applicable Version in Multi-Component Issues" is set to "Intersection" only the versions that are valid for all of the selected component are shown. If it is set to "Union" any version that is valid even only one of the selected component are shown.
  • Setting "Do not Allow Invalid Versions" is not Checked: In that case all versions are shown but a suffix is added to invalid versions. Which versions are invalid depends on the rules listed above.