Deleting/Editing Worklogs

Work Log Tab Panel

Work log tab panel is displayed under the issue in every view issue screen. It shows every individual work log for the issue. If you hover on any line on this list, additional edit and delete icons will appear on the right side of the corresponding entry. You can click on pen icon to edit the worklog, or you can click on trash icon to delete the worklog.

Bulk Delete

In order to delete many worklogs at once, it can be done by selecting the desired worklogs and using the delete button at the top of worklogs.

Work Log Timesheet

If you click on a cell on any timesheet a work log details pop-up will be opened. This windows shows every work log entry for that day one by one. If you hover on any line edit and delete work log icons will be displayed on the far right end side of the corresponding line. Using these icons you can delete or edit a work log entry. Any change to work logs will automatically update the timesheet without a page refresh for large timesheets this is a significant time saver.

Work Log Calendar

This view shows individual work logs on a calendar view and suitable for entering work logs and changing existing work logs. In order to delete or edit a work log on this view worklog is needed to be clicked and than delete and edit buttons will be displayed on the pop-up. Changes to the work logs will automatically update the calendar view without a page refresh.

Edit Work Log Dialog

Editing a worklog is very similar to entering a new worklog, everything applicable to new work log dialog is also applicable to editing work logs.

Delete Work Log Dialog

On delete worklog dialog, you need to specify how the remaining estimate will be updated after the previously entered work amount is deleted. There are four modes for remaining estimate as in the log work dialog which are: auto, set to, increase by, use existing estimate of.