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Timesheet Settings

There are some several settings for timesheet. These settings can be accessed from the button in the upper right corner of the timesheet. You can change duration format of worklog. Worklog times can be viewes viewed as minute, hour, day and week. The other setting is the pdf size. You can configure the size as letter, A2, A3, A4. Also, you can show or hide weekends and the timesheet toolbar.


Search can be done on the timesheet. You can only search one specific issue, project or user vbetc. Searching options are determined with grouping fields. All fields can be selected as well as filtering on the timesheet by selecting more than one desired field. For example, you may want to learn the total amount of worklog recorded for a certain issue type of a certain project in a timesheet where more than one project has been logged work, for this it is sufficient to filter by selecting the relevant project and issue type.