Creating Reminder


Adding Reminder

To add a reminder to the issue, you need to click on the 'view arrow' in the 'Issue Reminders' section on the right side of the issue view page. In this section, as the name suggests, a reminder can be created with the 'create reminder' button. Also, you can see previously added reminders if they exists.


Create Reminder dropdown has 4 options that are ‘Create’, ‘Tomorrow', ‘Next Week’ and 'Poke'. All of these options allows you to create a reminder with a future date as pre-selected. On reminder page, ‘Subject’ and ‘Date and Time of Reminder’ are mandatory. You can also create a periodic reminder by selecting period as hourly daily, weekly ,monthly, or yearly. Users, groups or both of them can be assigned to a reminder. Issue reminder has a feature to send reminder to slack app. Slack is a proprietary business communication platform. Depending on the selected time, date and period, issue reminders is sent to the selected slack channel. Also, a message can be added to the reminder to be send. Reminder can be made private by clicking private check box. Private reminders are only visible to creator of reminder, administrators and any users which are recipient of the reminder. Reminders can be edited by reminder owners and Jira administrators.

Creating Reminder from Portal

In order to create an issue reminder from the portal, the "Allow reminder creation from portal" setting must be selected on the configuration page. There are some restrictions for customers while using issue reminders app on the portal. In order for customers to use issue reminders on portal, the 'Service Desk Customers'/'Service Project Customers' roles of the corresponding project should be assigned to the ‘Browse Projects' permission first. Without this step, customers will not be able to access reminders in the portal for that project. Additionally, in order for customers to be able to create reminders on the portal, the "Allow customers to create reminders from the portal" setting on the configuration page must be selected. For reminders created from the portal, customer can select only himself/herself and the reporter, assignee, watchers, and voter options. They can’t select another user or groups and also they can’t view other users' reminders. Reminder Configurations

Depending on global configuration of the app set by Jira administrator, not all of the options may be available. For example your administrator may disable sending reminders to groups or only give permission to create reminders to specific groups.

The settings for this reminder can be configured by clicking “Settings” tab at the top.

“Automatically delete the reminder after it is triggered”: If this option is selected reminder is automatically deleted after it is triggered. If not selected, reminder will still be visible on reminder list, but its status will be visible as inactive.

“Add comment to issue when the reminder is triggered”: If this option is selected, in addition to sending reminder, a comment to issue will also be added. This may cause additional issue commented notifications to be sent by Jira according to notification schema of the project.

“Cancel the reminder if issue is resolved”: If this option is selected, reminder will not be triggered if issue is resolved at the time of sending the reminder. User will not be notified. This setting does not cause reminder to be deleted/turned off as soon as issue is resolved. Issue may switch between resolved and not resolved states until due date of the reminder. App only checks issue status on due date of reminder.