Privacy & Security

Issue Reminders for Jira Cloud is developed using Atlassian’s Forge Platform. This platform provides a secure environment for add-on development. All code and data is served by Atlassian itself. Even we don’t have access to your reminders. We don’t have send to your issues, user details or reminders to our own servers. At installation, “Issue Reminders for Jira Cloud” will ask some permissions and it may not be obvious why we ask for those permissions, so we are providing an explanation of why we require each permission. Don’t forget that, all features of Atlassian’s APIs are restricted only with a few scopes, there is no separate scopes for every operation.


Why we need it


Why we need it


Required for storing created reminders and app configuration.


Required for reading issue status and resolution fields. Also required when sending reminders to "Reporter", "Assignee" to check whether these fields has any values.


Required for sending notification e-mails using Jira's build-in e-mail API and adding adding issue comment about the reminder if this option is enabled.


Required for converting from Account IDs to actual user information such as username, display name.


Required for determining Jira Server's and user's locale for internalization.

Access to

We use this server for authenticating with Slack and periodically asking Forge platform to send pending reminders.