Integration with Structure add-on

Structure-Project Management at Scale is one of the most popular add-ons in the marketplace. It is mostly used to create hierarchy of issues. Configuration Management Toolkit Jira provides 4 different “Group by” operation that can be used within a structure:

Group by Bundles

One way to group issues hierarchically is to group them according to the bundle they are contained. The add-on provides two new Groupers to group issues according to the bundle, "Fixed in Bundle" and "Affects Bundle". 

To add a bundle grouper to any structure, open the structure and click on plus sign next to "Automation" and than select "Group".  You can easily locate bundle groupers by filtering with "Bundle" keyword.

If any issue belongs to more than one bundle it will be displayed under the both bundles. If an issue does not belong to any bundle, it will be displayed under the folder "None".



Group by Subcomponent

Groups issues based on direct parent component of the issue (parent component of the issue’s component). Parent Component can be a virtual component or a real project component. You need to configure “Subcomponents” hierarchy of the project before using this feature.


Group by Subproject

Groups issues based on direct parent project of the issue (parent of the issue’s project). Parent project can be a real project or a virtual project. Project hierarchy should be set using “Subprojects” feature before using this grouper.