Subcomponents DB Structure

Due to limitations of “Active Objects” our DB tables don’t have foreign keys to other tables. AO_102D86 prefix is specific to “Configuration Management Toolkit JIRA“ and all of our tables start with this prefix.



AO_102D86_SUBCOMPONENT: Subcomponent hierarchy is stored in this table. ID column is primary key of this table. Each row in this table refers its parent in the hierarchy through the PARENT_LINK_ID column which refers to another row’s ID. Interpretation of COMPONENT_ID column depends on VIRTUAL_CMP flag, if it is set to TRUE, COMPONENT_ID refers to ID of a virtual component defined in A0_102D86_VIRTUAL_COMPONENT. If it is set to FALSE, it refers to ID of a project component defined in Jira table COMPONENT. SEQ column determines order of children within the same parent. PARENT_ID and PARENT_VIRTUAL columns are not used in new versions of the app. We use PARENT_LINK_ID instead.


A0_102D86_VIRTUAL_COMPONENT: Virtual components are defined in this table. PROJECT_ID refers to ID of the project defined in Jira table “PROJECT”.