ATLAS CLI for Jira

A CLI tool that can run commands on Jira is a useful and efficient way to interact with Jira projects and issues without using a web browser:

  • It can automate repetitive tasks such as creating, updating, or deleting issues.

  • It can integrate with other tools and scripts to perform complex operations on Jira data.

  • It can access Jira features that are not available or limited in the web interface, such as bulk editing or advanced searching.

It can save time and effort for users who prefer working with text-based interfaces or need to perform complex tasks on Jira data.

We provide the CLI as a standalone tool (for DC/Server and Cloud), or an embedded terminal inside the Jira UI (Only for Cloud). For both cases you need to install the CLI tool to your local machine and purchase the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace. Without the add-on CLI tool will not work. For the cloud version, embedded CLI within the Jira UI is still available even if you don’t install the standalone executable on your computer. Embedded version may have some limitations though.