Prevent Users from Selecting Already Released Version for Fix Version or Vice Versa

Jira comes with two build-in version fields, "Affects Version/s" and "Fix Version/s". In addition to these you can create other custom version fields to represent other version informations. But these two build-in version fields has a special use in Jira ecosystem. 

"Fix Version\s" indicates with which version an issue is fixed. During development life cycle this field is used by development team to indicate when a specific feature or bug fix will be available so a selected version should be a version that is not released yet. Because after development this version will go to testing and it is approved and works as expected it will be published to customers. So when this field is first filled the selected version should be an unreleased version.

There may be a similar requirement for "Affects Version/s" field. This field indicates the version a specific bug first introduced. There may be multiple versions to indicate effect of the bug on different versions of the system which are in use by various customers. In some organizations users or development team should only select an already released version for "Affects Version/s" field. 

The add-on has two settings that allows you to enforce this use case in your organization. You can active these version enforcements from "General Configuration of Configuration Management Toolkit JIRA Plugin.