Give Project Leads or Others to Permission to Create Component and Versions

Managing Versions and Components of a project normally requires "Project Administration" permission. But the users with this permissions can do a lot more than just managing versions and components. But there are a some projects in which you may want to give other users to create components and versions. There can be various reasons for this. For example you may be creating a lot versions and you don't want to request from project administrator each time you need to create a version.

From the add-on settings you can define a project role as configuration management role. It is set to none by default. Once you set this something other than None, members of this role can perform following operations even though they don't have project administration role:

  • Create New Components
  • Create New Versions (release/unrelease or modify version attributes if version is mapped to only one component)
  • Manage Component Versions (Create, delete, release/unrelease, update description, release date)
  • Manage Bundles (Create, delete, release/unrelease, modify bundle content)
  • Configure Subcomponents