Cloud/Server/DC Feature Comparison

Although “WorklogPRO” is available for both Jira Cloud and Data Center, there are some feature differences between two versions.

The followings are the main differences you should be aware of when migrating from the Server/DC version of this app to the Cloud version.

Limitations of Cloud Version

  • Approval, timesheet periods are not available yet.

  • Reminders are not available yet.

  • Most settings like “Holiday Schemas”, “Work Hour Schemas” are not available yet.

  • “Account Custom Field”, “Team Custom Field”, and “Log Work Custom Field” are not available.

  • Scripting feature is simpler but less powerful.

  • There is no REST API for 3rd party integration.

  • Permissions are not as customizable as DC/Server version.

Advantages of Cloud Version

  • Support for grouping timesheet rows for custom field values