Limitations Compared to Server/DC Version

The server/DC version of the WorklogPro app has been in the Atlassian Marketplace for years. There are some differences between the Cloud and Server/DC versions of the app. Some of the limitations of the Cloud version are caused by the limitations of Atlassian’s Forge platform, and some are not implemented yet.

The following are the main differences you should be aware of when migrating from the server/DC version of this app to the Cloud version.

Limitations of Cloud Version

  • There is no time tracking panel belonging to WorklogPro cloud on issue view.

  • The shortcut keys such as worklog dialog opened with "w" as in the server are not available in the cloud version.

  • There is no worklog timer feature.

  • Custom fields belongining to WorklogPro such as “Log Work Custom Field” on server version are not avaliable on cloud version.

  • Logging work for other users or multiple issues, issue filters on worklog dialog, copying work description to issue comment, moving worklog to another issue, timesheet types (user, project, team), pivot report, sharing timesheet, charts on timesheet functions are not avaliable.

  • There is no JQL extensions for WorklogPro cloud right now.

  • Share team feature is not avaliable.

  • On administration part, holiday schemas, weekend configuration, work hour schemas, timesheet periods, reminders, timesheet approval feature, importing worklogs from excel, worklog bulk update, worklog scripts are not avaliable.

Advantages of Cloud Version

  • Current user can easily reach his/her timesheet and switch to calendar view on “Your work” page.

  • Thanks to the "Copy to next period" feature, you can copy the worklogs that you have saved or that are in the period you specify, to the next period with the same report view.

  • You can easily specify whether the weekend days and toolbar in the timesheet view should appear from the 'settings' section of the timesheet.

  • PDF export is available on WorklogPro cloud. You can export the timesheet to the pdf with PDF export button located in the toolbar in the timesheet view. Also, you can determine the page size of the pdf export.

  • Timesheet view has ability to search for specific issues, the summary of the issue and other fields by starting with certain words, issues that are equal to, greater than, less than or not equal to a certain total work log amount.