Worklog Bulk Update

Like "Bulk Issue Update" feature of Jira, WorklogPRO has "Bulk Worklog Update" feature. You can first search worklogs using date range, JQL and worklog attributes after that you can select the worklogs individually and after that you can specify new issue, user or worklog attributes. This is an easy way to common fix worklog errors or migrating/adding worklog attributes as your business requirements change. 

Search for Worklogs

You can search for worklogs between specific dates and optionally your can also specify worklog author, and worklog attributes. You can also use JQL to limit worklog search to specific issues.

Select Worklogs

After specifying search parameters and pressing "Filter" button, all matching worklogs will be listed. You can select worklogs you want to modify on this step. You don't have to modify all worklogs matched by search criteria.

Specify New Values

On the final step you can specify new values for worklogs. You can change issue, and/or worklog author in addition to worklog parameters. If you change worklog author or issue, all affected issues will be automatically re-indexed. 

No Verification

Worklog Verification Scripts or any other worklog verification will not be performed when updating worklogs. That means you can select a new worklog author who doesn't have "Work on Issue" permission or you can delete worklogs from a read-only issue or register worklogs for an already closed read-only issue. 

If you don't want to change Issue or Worklog Author you can leave these values empty. If you don't want to change a worklog attribute, select "Ignore". If you want to delete a worklog attribute, select "Delete". If you want to specify a new value, select "New Value" first and specify new value of attribute.