Changing Timezone of a User in Jira Server/DC

In Jira there is a default timezone set at Jira level, but users are free to change their timezone. Jira will also proactively notify users if their timezone setting is different than their browser’s/local computer timezone. To change timezone:

  1. Select your avatar in the top navigation bar and choose Profile

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Find Preferences section and click on “Pen” icon, this will open “Update User Preferences” pop-up

  4. Change timezone and click on “Update

Note that changing your timezone will only affect worklogs logged after it is changed, WorklogPro will remember your previous timezone setting for your older worklogs. If you want to wipeout all of your timezone history and want all previous worklogs to be associated with your current timezone you need to remove entries corresponding to your username in “AO_7B9828_TZHISTORY”. You should ask a database administrator to perform this operation for you and backup the table just in case. After changing DB you should disable and re-enable WorklogPRO for changes to take effect.