Defining Timesheet Accounts

Accounts provide additional way to group worklogs. You can create accounts to track budgets specific to a department, customer etc. Accounts can be grouped in hierarchy and this also provided additional grouping within a group.

Accounts can be global or project specific and displayed to users when they are logging work either through “Worklog Dialog” or “Log Work Custom Field”. This associates worklog with an account but you can also associate issues with accounts too. Issues are associated with accounts using “Accounts Custom Field”. Selecting another account for a worklog overrides account association specified in “Account Custom Field”.



There can be 3 different status associated with an account.

  • Open: These is the default status for an account and open accounts can be selected when logging work and during reporting.

  • Closed: These accounts are not available for new worklogs but can be selected during report generation.

  • Archived: These accounts are not available for new worklogs or when creating a report.

Accounts can be grouped into hierarchy but status, budget and applicable projects for each account within the hierarchy are independent. But, if you create an account timesheet report it replicates the same account hierarchy.

Creating Account Custom Field

There can be only one instance of this custom field. It is not automatically created and associating issues with accounts is optional. If you want to you can configure it and set it to be visible for specific issue types and projects just like all other custom fields.

'Account Custom Field' must be created once. If it is created more than once, it will cause it to not work properly.

If you are trying more than one timesheet add-on, their "Account" custom field may be mixed with the "Account Custom Field" provided by WorklogPRO. Before creating the WorklogPRO "Account Custom Field" ,we recommend deleting the "Account" custom fields are provided by other add-on (like Tempo).