Server/DC to Cloud Migration

You can export all reminders from Jira Server/DC to a JSON file and import this JSON file to Cloud app. “Export Reminders” feature is located in administration section of the app. There are some limitations when exporting.

  • Cron scheduler is not supported in the cloud. These reminders are skipped.

  • If reminder’s issue is not found, this reminder will be ignored.

  • If reminder’s owner is not found, this reminder will be ignored.

  • If the reminder is a relative reminder and related date field doesn’t exist for the issue, this reminder will be ignored.

  • Email and role recipients are currently ignored. But reminder will still be imported.

  • The app will try to match the user by “display name” or email address.

  • The app will try to match the custom fields by the name of the custom field.

Clicking the “Export” button will download a “reminders.json” file to your computer. The next step is importing this reminder to the cloud version of the “Jira Issue Reminders” app.

Navigate to “Manage apps” section and click on “Issue Reminders” on the left. It will open import screen where you can be able to open file browser and select the “reminders.json” file exported by the server app.

All reminders will be displayed before the import operation and after the confirmation a progress dialog will be displayed.

At the end, you will be able to see how many reminders are imported and error messages if any.

“reminders.json” file is actually a text file. You can open it with a text editor that supports .json files and change the reminder information. For example, if a user is no longer exist, you can change the name of the user in .json file before importing it to the cloud.