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There are 4 configuration section for the add-on under "Manage add-ons" administration screen. 

  • Configuration: This is mostly related with "Component Versions" feature of the add-on. Since some functionality of "Component Versions" overlaps with "Bundles" this section also contains some bundle related settings.
  • Sub-projects: Enables Jira administrators to configure subproject hierarchy. It also contains settings enabling/disabling subproject picker for specific user groups.
  • Subcomponents: Enables Jira administrators to configure for which projects subcomponent picker will be enabled. 
  • Component Attributes: This add-on allows associating various  attributes to components. You can think of it as custom fields for components. You decide on what kind of attributes you will have and component leads may specify values of these attributes for each components. You can use JQL to query component attributes. 

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