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You can use JQL to query which issues has a reminder, either active or completed. There are 4 5 JQL functions and all of them starts with “issuesWithReminder” prefix:

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  • isuesWithReminder(“true/false”): This is the most basic of all JQL functions. It just returns all issues with reminders. It takes one optional parameter to determine whether to return issues with only expired reminders to be returned. Default is true, which means all issues with reminders, either active or inactive are returned. If it is false, only the issues with at least one active reminder are returned. 


Code Block
issue in issuesWithReminderForGroup("cm", "true")

  • issuesWithReminderDueWithin(duration, unit): This query returns issues which has reminders that will trigger within the specified time range. Duration parameter is an integer, like 1, 2, 10 etc. unit parameter can be any of the followings: 
    • for minute
    • for hour
    • for day
    • for week

Following query returns all issues which has at least one active reminder set up that is due within 3 days.

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issue in issuesWithReminderDueWithin("3", "d")